Another Realty office coming?

Realty office wants to open at 420 Adams

For a long time, the Russo Civic Center was located at 420 Adams Street (which ceased operating and became Hoboken Playdate for a while).

But now, plans are in motion at the local zoning board to allow for another Realty office to take the space.

Russo Civic Hoboken NJ Real Estate Office - Another Realty office coming?

Realty a boomin’ biz in Hoboken

Included in the plans were some kind of signage, as well as displays in the windows showing what properties are for sale or rent. You know, the typical cookie-cutter layout they all have.

This goes to show you that the Real Estate business is a very profitable one to be in – considering the rents that Hoboken commands.

It’s not that they even need offices – since most of the work is now done online. I guess the mentality is “screw it, we can afford an office with ease. Why not? Every other Realtor has an office – we can’t not be seen!”

But with RedFin trying to undercut the traditional Real Estate model – I wonder how long this will (or can) go on.

Do you think Realty offices in Hoboken give you that “nice neighborhood” feeling?

Description: Pending Realty Office
Address: 420 Adams Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD
Email: TBD
Online: TBD

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I’m surprised to see a Realtor opening up in a flood zone. Do you think they’ll post pictures of what happens when the neighborhood floods? will they show what Adams Street looked like after Irene and Sandy?
BTW, if you think RedFin is going to drive the traditional Realtors crazy, wait til you see what’s coming soon. Today I had an opportunity to view a website that will allow Hoboken renters to plug in their apartment info and , using the municipal rent control calculations and other public records, they will be able to get an accurate calculation of the LEGAL RENT for their apartment. It just finished beta testing and so far 73% of the units tested were being over charged. Sit back folks and get ready for a really good show. Smart apartment hunters will be able to have the information prior to meeting a realtor and will be armed with facts when they attempt to push units having illegal rents! Oh, and the website will be free. Current renters will be able to check their rents and when they find that they are being overcharged, the recovery process is laid out in full detail.