The power of observation

How many of you know the power of observation?

I ask that because I think “understanding” has been reduced to the equivalent of a “lost art.” The power of observation (and its siblings contemplation, analysis, theory, etc.) is fading away faster than you can imagine.

The power of observation Hoboken NJ

What do you mean?

Well, since you asked – I mean because of technology – the means to have an instant answer to a question or problem, has taken away (albeit voluntarily) the ability or desire to self-diagnose a situation.

People now just “google” everything in their lives.

Rather than using their own (already limited) brain power to carefully and patiently try and understand (whatever) problem they might be facing – it seems that a good chunk of the population now immediately rushes to Google to see what comes up.

Don’t get me wrong – the Google “Library” does come in handy in extreme circumstances. But the effect that it is having on humanity is distressing.

Google am I going to hell

Technology makes our life “easier”

That is a true statement.

But it comes with a consequence.

Everything from spell-checking, to GPS maps, to dis-informative news is creating a culture of digital vegetables. Because when the power goes out – no one knows anything anymore!

cell phone culprit

Why patience and study make a difference

I can go on and on – and turn this into a massive piece. But for the sake of the attention-deficit crowd – I’ll sum it up.

When you have a truly analytical mind, that also possesses patience and tact – you end up a better person overall. Rushing to judgment or blindly believing what you see “online” is only to your detriment. “Understanding” something goes way beyond what you might read. It encompasses history, peeling back layers, identifying relationships, and beyond. A real 3D environment that doesn’t require special goggles.

It’s about solving equations, reaching logical conclusions, and much more. By yourself. With your own mind and cognitive abilities.

Just think about that the next time you’re itching to search Google for the answer to your problems.

What is more important? The answer? Or how you came about the answer?

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