Dig Che Guevara?

Why do you dig Che Guevara?

I see a lot of people around (mostly progressives) wear these Che Guevara t-shirts – as if it’s some kind of cool statement they think they’re making. But except they’re making the opposite statement.

Watch this recent video from John Stossel to get your facts straight. Then look in the mirror and ask yourself a few questions (that is, if you can even be honest with your own self).

You see – I don’t mind political debate, or constructive and insightful conversation. But when I witness mobs of people literally “following” like lemmings off a cliff – it makes one realize how scary this situation is.

Imagine that large hordes of humanity can be led to believe one thing or another? Without any fact-checking, personal experience, or careful contemplation? Those “followers” don’t even have the capability to look into the mirror and say to themselves – “What am I thinking?” or “How do I know what I believe is true? Should I do more research?”

The indoctrination and manipulation of society has always been bad. Perhaps now the new “technology” is making it worse. At the very least it’s surely making it a hell of a lot harder to “contain” (i.e., widespread misinformation – look what happened in Baltimore with false manipulative tweets that caused an uproar).

I’m over this bullshit. Hard to find level-minded free-thinkers these days. I mean really hard. (That’s what she said).

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very true,John, but not this time! Che was a BRILLIANT general and a hero of the Cuban Revolution. He fought a brutal dictator(Batista), against insurmountable odds. Even the US government stopped selling arms to the cuban government under Batista because of his barbarizim against the Cuban civilians he percieved sympathetic to the rebels. That says a LOT! so depending who’s side your on….the bitter right wing cubans living here in the US, or THE TRUTH! either way, whether you like it or not, Che WAS a hero and deserves the idolatry he currently recieves! VIVA LA REVOLUCION


Wait a minute, look at Cuba today. What is so brilliant about the current situation? Who cares what the history books say.


People who display such images typically don’t know much about them. They do it more to be trendy and cool, while unknowingly displaying their ignorance at the same time.