Mayor silent about flooding

“mayor” Zimmer silent (concerns from biz owners)

Below is a letter from the owner of the hot new fitness spot Hudson River Crossfit over at 7th & Clinton. They got flooded beyond belief yesterday and are knocked out of commission for a bit.

They contacted the “mayor,” but got no response. (i.e., the official “press release proofreaders” were probably off – so nothing can happen until it goes through the “committee of political correctness” and “CYA” departments- and probably the over-paid lawyers too. Just sayin’…)

Read more below.

Hudson River Crossfit hurt by hoboken flooding - Mayor silent about flooding

Hoboken business owners at wits end with flooding

“Dear “mayor” Zimmer, My name is John Franklin, I am writing to you today from Hudson River Crossfit located in the center of Hoboken on 7th and Clinton Streets.

Hoboken has been a great home for my business, and I would love to stay here as long as I possibly can.

With that being said, I am writing to you today in regards to the serious flood control issue we are experiencing. I am sure that we are not the first to express our concerns. It seems that every time we experience any type of heavy rain, 30 minutes or 3 days long, our facility floods.

The floods that we experience are not coming through leaks from the doors and windows, the water is actually coming up through the shower drains and toilets, after the sewer system in Hoboken backs up. In the short 10 months that we have been open, this has happened several times already, and like I mentioned before, most of the storms were not very heavy, nor did they last very long.

In addition, due to Hoboken’s elevation and infrastructure we are at a very high risk of flooding. This has caused us to be rejected coverage by every private flood insurance company we have applied to (11 and counting). As of now, the only flood insurance available to us is National, which has an extremely high premium (above $6000) for a space that houses stainless steel barbells, and weights made from recycled tires. Since a $6,400 premium is out of reach, we are basically finished if a major storm comes through. This is not an optimistic feeling to have as a business owner.

What is being done to improve Hoboken infrastructure in case of severe storm? Is there any type of contingency plan the city has for the drainage issues we are experiencing? What are some options we have to keep this from affecting our business? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

John Franklin
Owner, Hudson River Crossfit”

I feel for John.

Businesses should not be so “vulnerable” like this. Either full disclosure needs to be mandated by both the city “government,” as well as ALL Realtors that facilitate the sale or rental of ALL properties in Hoboken.

But I’m sure there will be some “feel good” press release, or at the very least an “explanatory” apology and some pie in the sky promise that better things are coming (i.e., green roofs, underground bathtubs, or making Hoboken into the world’s largest water bong?)

My personal opinion is – that development has been allowed where development is not a sound idea. At the very least (like I said before) all people occupying property should be under the “at your own risk” disclaimer. We’ve mentioned before that part of Hoboken is actually a flood plain. The only way to solve that is to LEVEL existing properties – RAISE THE EARTH – and re-build. Not gonna happen by a long-shot (unless 3 Hurricane Sandy-like storms come within a 2 week time span…)

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Tuesday, June 2, 2015 12:24 am

There needs to be an immediate ban on height, density and use variances at the Zonong and Planning Boards. Sure there are developers who own land that is zoned either industrial or commercial that can’t be developed without variances. That’s their problem. If I purchase a stock and it crashes, I knew the risk going in. I can’t run to City Hall and demand my money back. Same goes for a developer who purchased an industrial property. It isn’t the obligation of City Hall to guarantee that investment! People like the author of the above letter and anyone else who is in a property that didn’t flood in the past but is flooding now, need to demand an end to the over development that is over powering the infrastructure of our city. It’s time to stop the chosen few developers from doing further damage to this city and it’s time to throw out this Mayor for failing to keep her campaign promises.

Monday, June 1, 2015 8:30 pm

Sorry for your business flooding John; it truly is a shame. City Hall only seems to be concerned with bicycle use and green space. I for one am sick & tired of getting flood warning alerts on my phone – why alert us? So we can have our canoes at the ready?

Monday, June 1, 2015 12:51 pm

411 has documented these floods for 10 years now so this should come as no surprise to anyone.
People 50 years ago without fancy Smart Phones knew not to live West of Adams Street.

Monday, June 1, 2015 10:28 am

AND Get This!!! Plans are in progress to put more people in harms way. – The Zoning/Planning board and Council are on the brink of approving more housing development in this Wetland area.

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