Hoboken Cock Fights?

Are there really Hoboken Cock Fights?

Why would anyone have a Rooster in Hoboken? It was spotted near the Hoboken Housing Authority projects on near 8th & Jackson Streets.

One Hoboken resident seems to think it’s for the purpose of “cock fighting” (and not the kind that happens at a local bar every week!)

Hoboken Cock Fights Housing Authority - Hoboken Cock Fights?

But seriously – why would this rooster be in Hoboken? Let alone roped to a water jug?

One, if this was a “wild” rooster, no one in their right mind would be compassionate enough to do this. It’s just not what people do anymore these days. (You know, “it’s someone else’s problem…)

Our guess is that the resident was right. Probably used for cock fighting (pays pretty good these days if you get yourself a champion bird!)

But I’m sure animal rights “activists” would be all over this “cock fight” like BS on a typical city press release.

(This now completes our quota of the phrase “cock fight” for the year 2015. Thank you. PS – we meant to publish yesterday, but had some technical snafus…)

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