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Lean on We – NJ based “caregiver vetting”

Thought this story of a new way of sourcing out caregivers (with a NJ connection) might be of interest. Lean on We.”

And it does address an age-old problem of “vetting out” very sensitive services like home-caregiving (outside personal recommendations – especially when time is of the essence).

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What is Lean on We?

When lifelong North Jersey local, Ron Gold, became paralyzed in a horrific head-on collision in 2011, he and his family discovered that caregiving can be a full-time job. Ron was an avid fitness buff and top sales executive on Wall Street when an out-of-control SUV plowed into his bicycle and nearly killed him. With three children to look after, Ron and his wife, Betsy, faced the overwhelming task of renovating his life (and home), and hiring outside help.

Lean On We Founder CEO Ron Gold - Lean on WeFrustrated with the lack of modern resources, Ron was surprised to see how little help, advice and instruction is actually given to those in search of caregivers. Together, they decided to run with their entrepreneurial spirit and set out to fix a broken system with the creation of LeanOnWe, a network of extensively vetted caregivers available at your fingertips.

Through his personal experience, Ron is changing the way Americans find and hire caregivers privately. Such as:

  • The most important questions to ask your caregiver
  • What’s Better: Moving a parent to assisted living or keeping them home with a caregiver?
  • The biggest mistakes you can make when choosing a caregiver
  • How to find a caregiver on your own
  • How through their personal experience, Ron and Betsy are helping to change the caregiving system

Something to consider if you ever need caregiving services.

Lean on We website: http://leanonwe.com

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