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City of Saints {coffee roasters}

What used to be Red Lion Coffee over at 14th & Bloomfield is now City of Saints Coffee Roasters. Call it “Red Lion Reinvented.”

See the story behind the change!

City of Saints Coffee Roasters Hoboken NJ - City of Saints

What is City of Saints anyway?

About a year ago, Red Lion Coffee “transitioned” from a coffee house to a full-scale coffee roaster. They wanted to differentiate between other cafes who “outsourced” their beans, and wanted to bring that all in-house.

They source and roast all their own coffee – and even supply coffee to cafes, restaurants and hotels in the NYC tri-state area. (Guess the profit margin is better that way!)

This allowed them to “expand” in the NYC market – with a successful store at 79 East 10th Street in the Lower East Side. They also have a “state of the art” roast facility, education & training center and cafe in Brooklyn, NY. At that point, they “re-branded” to signify they change in business strategy.

City of Saints Coffee Roasters was recently featured on the coffee-centric website The Daily Coffee News.

Way to go, guys!

About City of Saints Coffee Roasters

“Coffee has the potential to be many things, in many places, to many different people. For some, it is the cure for a difficult morning, and for others, it is the fruit upon which their livelihood depends. At City of Saints, we appreciate coffee in its infinite forms, and celebrate everywhere that it has been and will continue to be. We borrow our name from Harar, Ethiopia – the original “city of saints” – where coffee has been grown and traded for centuries, and we craft our identity from a wide foundation of knowledge, experience, and passion, for everything that coffee has been between then and now.

We roast our coffee in Brooklyn, NY, in the diverse and dynamic neighborhood of Bushwick. We currently operate one cafe in Hoboken, NJ and another in the East Village of Manhattan, NY.”

Description: City of Saints Coffee Roasters. Coffee, pastries, yum.
Address: 1320 Bloomfield Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)683-7333

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