Ghost Cars

Ghost Cars for police – isn’t it obvious why?

Late last month – there was so-called “news” story that talked about how the NJ State Police “unveiled” their new Ghost Cars as their newest tool to “catch” unruly motorists (who “violate” next-to-impossible NOT to violate “decrees” about human behavior).

NJ State Police Ghost cars

The “article” continued to say:

The black Chevrolet Caprices appear unmarked from far away. But a closer examination shows a faint gray State Police emblem on its sides.

State Police spokesman Capt. Stephen Jones says they’re trying to avoid notice on the highways so troopers can catch dangerous drivers who behave in the presence of marked cars.

He says the cars give drivers piece of mind that they’re talking to actual troopers and not someone masquerading as an officer.

How stupid do they think (you) are?

Well, apparently – there are a whole lot of stupid (and fearful) folks far and wide that they can keep spewing such nonsense.

Anwyay some bullet-points (not hollow-points):

    Ghost cars NJ more money for police

  • “Ghost cars” are nothing new. Smaller municipalities in NJ and across the country have been using them for years. The reason it takes so long for larger cities, counties and state organizations to get them? “Gubbmint Bloat.”
  • “Visible” police cars actually make the roads safer, giving fewer reasons to pull drivers over (gosh, what hard work that is! And less moolah too!)
  • They hope these “ghost” cars will enable them to “bust” more drivers (for more moolah!)
  • But don’t you already think (any) car in the “official use only” median on the Turnpike is scanning drivers already?

Anyway, this is just one step closer to 100% monitoring (think slowly boiling a frog).

If you’re “okay” with this today (you shouldn’t be), would you be “okay” with a chip in your car that INSTANTLY removes $250 from your checking account if you temporarily drive over 65mph?

I didn’t think so. You ought to keep an eye on where we’re going!

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