Sriracha Tsunami

Sriracha sauce – so many more choices

When you think of it, Sriracha (hot chili) sauce is still considered a relative “newcomer” to the scene of flavor enhancement. For a while – the only “sriracha” sauce you could buy (if you could find it) was the “original” Huy Fong brand. Since then, supermarket shelves are now swelling with different options.

But does the original Huy Fong Sriracha “Rooster Sauce” have any reason to worry? Maybe!

Sriracha Sauce Tsunami so many choices

Everyone and their brother makes a Sriracha now!

Anytime an item or category becomes “hot” in capitalistic America – you can bet your bottom dollar that others will follow to get their piece of the pie. (Of course that doesn’t apply to big pharma, BigAg, all forms of “gubbmint” and other rackets that we hope soon go away).

We got out first taste down in Atlantic City nearly 15 years ago (so good, we “borrowed” the bottle to bring home). It was definitely “special” when it was hard to acquire.

Today you can get it anywhere, so the devilish delight in knowing not many others have it is gone. But I’m sure you’ll agree that those that like it will always like it.

How do other Sriracha sauces compare?

Here’s where it gets interesting. Huy Fong Sriracha is just not “cutting it” anymore after we’ve had the pleasure of tasting other brands.

Our current “fave” (as the millenials love saying) is Texas Pete’s Sriracha CHA! Our choice in overall flavor, “kick” and perfect “hot zone” for our taste buds.

The main reason, it seems to have a slightly more “garlicky” flavor. A more bold, “deeper” taste to us. We like!

Texas Pete Sriracha new favorite

Sky Valley – more like “spicy ketchup”

As you can see in the pic above – we’re sort of “running out” of Texas Pete, so I picked up some of this Sky Valley “Organic” Sriracha. I’m not even sure it’s organic because it doesn’t have the official USDA Organic logo. Doesn’t matter to us.

But the taste was quite different than your typical Sriracha. For one, you immediately got a similar “vinegar kick” that ketchup eaters will recognize. Very “ketchupy” in that regard.

Second – while the rest of the flavor experience definitely reminds you “it’s a kind of sriracha,” this is also a bit hotter at the end than others we’ve tried. My whole head perspired and got wet (that’s what she said).

At the end of the meal, I wasn’t so sure I was a fan. No lasting impression. It’s probably just a bit too hot (hint: you can “tone it down” with either a dollop of sour cream, mayo or cream cheese).

Sky Valley Sriracha Sauce

Tons more to try – will a new sriracha become #1?

As you already know, tastes are subjective – and we all have our reasons why something is on the hot list (or our “fave.”)

But there are MANY more sriracha sauces we will try.

The next two will be the Tabasco brand which is fairly new to the market – and the Badia Brand (because I like the logo, the “pop cap” and it’s getting stellar reviews online.) Will update this story accordingly!

What is your favorite Sriracha sauce?

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I’ve tried all the rest, the original is still my favorite. Perfect!