Hoboken Doorman

Hoboken Doorman – What is it? (and why?)

Have you heard of Hoboken Doorman? If not – here is what they say they are:

“The local solution for all of your delivery issues, Hoboken Doorman allows you to receive your packages at a nearby business. Pick them up at your convenience. No moremissed deliveries, “waiting around,” or stolen packages…”

Let’s delve deeper and figure out what’s going on and why.

Hoboken Doorman Package Delivery - Hoboken Doorman

Does Hoboken Doorman added unnecessary complexity and cost?

Let’s get this out of the way first: Hoboken Doorman is scheme for some young entrepreneurs to make money – and adding very little value. Let I explain.

Smart residents have been using their local corner store to “receive” packages on their behalf FOREVER. It’s a common courtesy that happy local merchants extend to customers who may live in the neighborhood. I’ve been doing that since the 90’s. FREE. What the shop owner gets (keeps) is a loyal customer.

What Hoboken Doorman has introduced is a “middle man.” They’ve already enlisted almost two dozen local shops to serve as delivery destinations. And if you sign up to the service – you now have the privilege of spending between $3 and $6 extra PER BOX. Now that is defeating the (money-saving) purpose of shopping online, isn’t it?

Hoboken doorman expensive no added value - Hoboken Doorman

Sure, you can argue that now the shop-owners benefit because now they receive revenue-sharing with Hoboken Doorman for a previously free courtesy. I’d be pissed if my local bodega started charging me. I’d take my business elsewhere at that point.

Here’s the kicker. Their “added value” is an “app,” and a simple text message notification that your packages were delivered. Uh, hello – ever hear of package tracking?

If you want the “convenience” of paying hundreds of dollars extra per year for your package deliveries – then Hoboken Doorman is for you.

Oh, and if you insist on something like this – you’re probably better off using Go Postal. Significantly cheaper – and they’ll deliver your boxes to your apartment.

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Things have changed a lot since the 90s. We now order almost everything online and receive packages several times a week. Years ago I used to have my local corner store keep the boxes for us. But with our increase in packages (and everyone else as well) it was taking up more and more of his time and storage and we stopped taking advantage of his courtesy. So a service like this does make sense.


If you need help buying things online and fork over 6 extra bucks, I think you have bigger problems to worry about.