Modern Retro Finds

Modern Retro Finds – 91 Park Ave. in Hoboken, NJ

Is the “retro” market big enough in 2015?

A new furniture and accessory store Modern Retro Finds opened up last month over at 91 Park Ave. (previously home to short-lived businesses like The Factory Boutique and Tiny Paws Powder Puff). This is one of those locations that doesn’t have a lot going for it.

Modern Retro Finds Hoboken NJ

Retro furniture is a “niche” market

For the most part furniture and lighting is a very personal decision. Some like modern (current), others like “traditional,” or “functional.” And then you have the people that like “retro.”

You can be part retro or full-tilt retro or somewhere in between. It’s my guess that the guys who started Modern Retro Finds are a bit fanatical about the whole retro scene. “It’s so fabulous,” as if each retro “find” is the greatest thing since sliced bread. OMG!

While I do appreciate some retro things (mainly because “they don’t make ’em like they used to), a whole apartment that looks like the 50’s would get tiring in a hurry, don’t you think?

Modern Retro Finds Hoboken 91 Park Avenue

Will Modern Retro Finds succeed in Hoboken?

Do you think Modern Retro Finds has enough of a chance to survive at this location? Will they profit enough to make the rent?

They’ll definitely have to sell a lot of “Jetsons” lamps every month to stay aflot, that’s for sure!

Description: Retro furniture, lighting and accessories
Address: 91 Park Avenue, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-459-0333
Online: Facebook

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