Getting Old

Getting old with someone – something to think about

I see many “individuals” walking around Hoboken all the time. Most folks (under 40) are either looking at their phones for their latest ego update, headed to (or from) the gym, or have a bag full of quality clothing that will supposedly make them “look” better.

But what are all these people after? What are YOU after (if you’re not already connected)?

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Personality is the key – compatibility is the answer

Here’s the truth in our opinion.

All these people seriously struggling to compete with one another. To “best” the other guy or girl into “winning” something (a lay, hookup, number, whatever) is very short-term thinking.

What do you do when you have supposedly “found the one?”


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Like outlasts Love 100% of the time

Many people fall “in love” with another person. It’s happened to all of us.

Yet they fail to acknowledge whether they really “like” the person. That can encompass adoration, appreciation, respect, admiration and much more.

Liking someone is WAY more important that “loving” someone.

Love is more like obsession

Imagine if someone tells you 1000 times a day “they love you?”

Yet, their actions and other behavior indicates that they don’t like you one bit? What the hell is that?

How can anyone express “love” without the important attribute of “like” comingĀ  first?

Apparently – it’s happening all over the map. People ironically “like” being “in love” with people they really are not compatible with in any regards!

Often times it’s because of societal pressures (or peer pressure to “have someone”), other times it’s family issues (closely related).

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Looks are okay today – but what about long term?

The bottom line is – as I mentioned before – Many people are going overboard to “look” a certain way. And to be honest, you have more “choices” when you’re “in shape” than if you were an obese land-monster.

We all have physical attributes we’re attracted to (in more ways than you realize). Movies, magazines, websites all promote “hot” people. Those are the 0.01% of the population.

What people should really be attracted to is:

  • Someone who they can imagine being their “best friend” 40 years from now.
  • A person who they “know” they’ll have a blast with till they day they die.
  • You will love them regardless of how their “looks” change.. (better or worse)

Misdirected efforts?

I’m not saying anything is wrong with trying to compete with all the “pretty” people out there. No.

But are people going after the wrong attributes? Sure, by working out you’ll certainly “attract” the “hotter” specimen – but is that “hotter” specimen more worthy of you lifetime commitment? Maybe – Maybe not!

While physical attractiveness is pretty much a guaranteed benefit – it does NOT guarantee long-term satisfaction.

What people should do is focus on the inter-personal traits another human being can offer – and not just hot outfits, talk about physical fitness and material goods. When you’re 70 or 80 years old – you want your best friend next to you. Not some windbag that “used to be hot” 50 years ago. 100% irrelevant at that point!


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The other person not being a dumbass or a taker helps a lot, too. That stuff gets very old eventually.


I’ll chime in here. That girl in the first photo is not so great. Chunky legs and a fat buttocks. Yeah it looks okay in the shadows, but that isn’t award winning.


Fat butts and chunky legs are the pinnacle of attractiveness to the supermarket checkout magazine buying demographic.


I prefer keeping my options open!