Example of poor childcare


Here’s a letter from a Hoboken411 reader who witnessed a horrible parent/nanny sighting this past weekend.

Very Poor Childcare

hoboken baby left unattended in vehicle - Example of poor childcare“I wanted to bring to you and your reader’s attention a bad nanny/parent sighting my family witnessed on Sunday.

At approx. 11:15 a.m. in the Rite Aid parking lot (on Willow) we noticed a brand new Silver Town & Country NJ plate # WTN 87 F (or S) with a 6mo BABY left locked in the front passenger seat. As we walked into the store to find the guardian, she walked out. Could have been a mom or nanny. The more we thought about it it seemed to be something we couldn’t let go… a) she had 2 full shopping bags full of stuff and b) the child was in the front seat! The check out woman admitted that she had been chatting with someone insidew for a while and was not in a rush.

We called the HPD, but she had driven away and they, regretfully, said they couldn’t do much at that point.

As a concerned parent, either there’s a nanny that needs to be exposed for neglecting and endangering the welfare of an infant or there’s a mother out there that is neglecting and endangering the welfare of her baby. Either scenario is awful and something should be done either way.”

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Kooky Kat– #75-Was that directed at me? And why? I was just responding to what Personalt said. If you read my previous post on this subject you will see that I do have a grown daughter and never once left her unattended in the car. Doing so was just unthinkable! Personalt previously compared leaving a child sleeping in his/her crib while the parent showered and an accidental fire started with the same as deciding to leave a child unattended in a car. I was just merely pointing out that if an accidental fire started in a house that was something out of one’s control while leaving a child in a car unattended was a conscious decision–and a very wrong one at that.

Now Kooky–calm down and take a deep breath! Your remarks were uncalled for!


Eh, I agree leaving an infant alone in a car out of sight is a bad idea. The question is, where is the line of ok? For instance, the suburban mother who left her sleeping 2 year old in her car for minutes within sight while she took two other children to donate money for charity. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,337012,00.html I dunno where the line is. I dunno at what age or under what circumstances it is ok to leave a kid alone. I don’t have kids yet, but I’d like them and I’d like for them not to get taken away by DYFS. I do know that people sometimes stick their noses into other people’s business too much sometimes. I heard instances of DYFS being called on a parent because their little girl was wearing a tutu to kindergarten. Geez. As long as the kid is covered and weather appropriate, it shouldn’t matter if the kid is in a tutu or anything else. I remember a stretch in the 80’s when I wore my father’s clothes oddly paired to elementary school regularly. So what? Nowadays I’m sure someone would call DYFS. I also do know that my Mom left me waiting in the car alone all the time for as long as I can remember (I can remember back to around 3years old) when she had to hop out and pick something up at the grocery store, dry cleaners, etc. But alone in the house? No way. Seriously. She thought I was… Read more »


[quote comment=”76348″]SFH – I agree with what you are saying, it is a stupid risk since you can get that stuff delivered… My point in that other post was that poeple are always taking some sort of risk.

You mention a car fire, you can also have a house fire also that could trap the baby on the other side of the house.

In my life I have had aone house fire but never a car fire and had houses broken into twice but never had a car broken into. Based on my life keeping the baby in the car is way safer then the house.. But certainly in either the house or the car leaving the baby alone is a bad idea.

It is certainly not a good idea to leave the baby in the car because it is an unnessary risk, my thought was is it big risk compared to things other parents do every day?

As an example. people always worry about the stranger on Meghans list diddling tommy.. but I see some facts that I think more then 80% or 90% of child abductions are committed by someone who knows the child. People always tell their kids to worry about that stranger but I dont think many parents tell their kids to worry about that funny uncle.[/quote]
I hope you’re not a parent, or if you are, that you don’t mean what you’re saying. :mrgreen:

kooky kat

[quote comment=”76451″]Personalt—Some things are just out of our control. For example, an accidental house fire (faulty wiring, etc.) is out of our control. So if the parent was showering while the baby was asleep in a crib in another room and an accidental fire started, that is out of the parent’s control. However, leaving a child unattended in a car and something tragic happens–that’s something that the parent/guardian could have prevented by simply taking the child with him/her.[/quote]

You analogies are absolutely f*ing ridiculous to even COMPARE “a fire” starting when you are in the shower and leaving your BABY alone in the car. Seriously, I hope you don’t have any kids.


Shame on this person, and any person, who leaves a sleeping baby, in a car, in a public parking lot.

What if some drunken lunatic ran up to the car with a two by four, and started pounding on it?

Waking the baby and scaring the CRAP out of the poor thing?

Anything can happen.