Fleet Week New York 2015

Air Force Thunderbirds buzz Hoboken, NJ

Here was the scene earlier today when a formation of Air Force Thunderbirds buzzed the Hoboken skyline over the Hudson River. Military might at it’s finest!

Fleet Week New York 2015

Yesterday began the 2015 edition of Fleet Week New York.

Fleet Week 2015 Hoboken NJ

A handful of people braved the “brisk” air that swept in (to remind people it’s not bikini weather just yet.)

Didn’t catch any “flyovers” yet this year. Wondering if they’re “cutting” back those lavish displays that only last a few seconds anyway.

Cold start to Fleet Week New York 2015 from Hoboken NJ

But what happened to Fleet Week anyway?

I don’t know about you – but I think Fleet Week has become corrupted to a degree!

  • “Selfies with a Sailor” – What? The U.S. Military even acknowledging “Selfies?” What a joke.
  • USO Bike Build – The USO along with volunteers will build bikes for service members to ride around in. They risk their lives on the battlefield, and you give them bikes? No respect!
  • NYC Tattoo Music Festival – The Navy Band Northeast will play there. The only thing missing are beards and skinny jeans. You’ll have to wait ’till next year for those.

Anyway – if you want to catch the fancy jets – head over to the waterfront on Monday around 11am to see them fly over. I love the smell of jet fuel on Mondays!

Fleet Week cloudy skies Hoboken NJ

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The services members, if they have been in the trenches, will be prepared for our feels-like and looks-like war torn streets!