Markdaniel Barbershop

Markdaniel Barbershop Hoboken – 1032 Willow Avenue

Opening recently at the former JC Barber Shop location is another called Markdaniel Barbershop.

Markdaniel barbershop hoboken nj

The owner Mark LoBiondo actually found the spot because we mentioned the former place was closing. He actually reached out to express his gratitude for us posting that info. So, that was nice to know we could help!

Keeping the barbershop tradition going in Hoboken

It’s a traditional barbershop with minimal frills other than a fresh clean feeling when you’re done. They also offer “hipster” beard trims.

Markdaniel Barbershop Hoboken NJ Before and AfterThe prices are a bit higher than the last few remaining barber-pole locations – but they’re in line with “trending” prices I suppose.

  • Haircut: $30
  • Shave: $30
  • Combo (haircut & shave): $55
  • 1/2 Haircut (back & sides only): $20
  • Beard Trim: $15
  • Buzz: $20
  • Kids: $20

And “In God We Trust,” they accept Cash Only which isn’t a deal breaker.

Description: Old fashioned barber shop with hipster nuances.
Address: 1032 Willow Avenue, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Hours: Monday to Friday 10am to 8pm; Saturday and Sunday 9am to 6pm
Online: markdanielbarbershop.comTwitterFacebook

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The prices are “a bit higher”? JC Barbers was $14.00 for a man’s haircut. He didn’t close for lack of business, he closed because he retired. So let’s be honest here, the new price is double plus. So please don’t put this place out there as an old fashioned barber shop. It’s just another millennium courting rip off joint.