Hoboken students tour Princeton!


Here’s a nice article contributed to Hoboken411 from Irene Sobolov (photo by Jean Marie Mitchell.)

Schools Out! At least for the Hoboken Sat U Students.

The hard working students of the Hoboken Public School’s Saturday University Program have reason to celebrate! They recently completed the rigorous 16-week program and as a reward, they spent a day touring Princeton University and returned to Hoboken High School for a barbecue luncheon.

The Hoboken Saturday University Program offers supplemental, advanced academic challenges to those public school children who perform at the top of their class in grades 3rd through 6th. . Participants must demonstrate advance proficiency in either the NJASK or Terra Nova standardized tests. The Program was offered in two eight-week cycles, with 3 subjects each cycle. The offerings included: science, business/math, art, dance, public speaking/debate and computer animation. The children and teachers worked hard and had a lot of fun. The real heroes are the children who chose academic study over athletics, family time and even an extra hour sleep to arrive at Hoboken High School early every Saturday morning for 16 weeks. They showed true intellectual curiosity and commitment. Job well done!!

hoboken students visit princeton university - Hoboken students tour Princeton!

The tour of Princeton was lead by Jared Ramos, Hoboken High and Princeton graduate. Mr. Ramos is not only a HHS English teacher and the school’s choreographer, but spent the last 16 weeks teaching computer animation to the Sat U students. Mr. Ramos led the children on an extensive tour of the beautiful campus, visiting the library, chapel and student center among other things. However, as a Princeton graduate, he was able to add a personal touch, for example, pointing out the location of his senior dorm and detailing his graduation ceremony.

See the rest of the story and a bonus photo gallery after the jump!

(Hoboken kids in Princeton, continued…)

Upon returning to Hoboken High School, the students were treated to a special luncheon and certificate ceremony, led by Program Director Gary Enrico. On hand to assist in the ceremony was Board of Education President Theresa Minutillo, Vice President Frances Rhodes-Kearns and Board members, Carmelo Garcia, Frank Raia, Anthony Romano and Tricia Snyder.

Before the certificates were handed out, Dr. Anthony Petrosino, Assistant School Superintendent spoke to crowd. He congratulated the children on their hard work throughout the program. He offered words of support and encouragement to all the children and parents in attendance, admitting that although higher education is expensive (especially at Princeton), it is not unattainable. He encouraged the children to do “their job”…work hard and complete their studies. If they do “their job” the adults in their lives, school and community will do theirs and find ways to help them reach their dreams.

The day ended with each child receiving a personalized graduation certificate and a Sat U t-shirt.

Bonus Gallery

The kids also went to the Sterling Hills mine in Ogdensburg, NJ a couple weeks ago.

  1. Sterling Hill Mining museum – the kids went to the museum as well as into the mines. Scientific field trip – chemistry, metallurgy, and geology.
  2. Mr. Jared Ramos addresses the students about Princeton University
  3. Dr. Anthony Petrosino addresses the students and parents at the closing ceremony

Man, I wish I could have gone. I’m getting sick of working on computers, believe it or not!

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Nice Bornand razed. Great to take something happy, positive and encouraging for those kids and turn it into something miserable, yeah man…back in the day…we was tough.. racist bulls*** about yourself.


[quote comment=”75784″]I wonder how many of these kids actually live in Hoboken.[/quote]


The fact of the matter is the ONLY thing that has not changed in Hoboken since when I went to school here is the low quality of students! The rich kids go to private schools and most Hoboken kids go to outside schools anyway.

I would never send my kids to a Hoboken School!

I bet not one “legit Hoboken student” makes it to Princeton!


I recently had the pleasure of speaking to students and family members at the luncheon and certificate ceremony for our Hoboken Public School’s Saturday University Program. One of the topics I spoke about concerned the cost of tuition at many of the private colleges and universities from across the country (I also spoke about the nature/nurture debate concerning intelligence and the development of expertise). Some of these universities, including many of the Ivy’s, offer very attractive programs to families with incomes as high as $180,000 provided their children get accepted (paying in some cases 10% of total tuition). Yale goes as high as $200,000. For instance, Princeton University (the alma mater of one of our faculty members, Mr. Jared Ramos who organized Saturday’s field trip) with a $13.5-billion endowment, the third-wealthiest institution in the country, eliminated loans from its aid packages seven years ago. Last year Princeton awarded an average aid package of more than $17,000 to about 80 percent of families with incomes between $150,000 and $200,000 who applied for financial aid. I believe this information is encouraging to many Hoboken families, including but not exclusive to, the children who attend our city’s public schools. I am not in favor of minimizing the financing of college for parents- indeed, it is expensive and places a financial burden on almost any family. But parents and their college bound children also need to be informed of the many efforts underway and the *trend* that may provide a more positive message. This… Read more »

Red Haven
Red Haven

Looks like a wonderful opportunity for some great kids. Congrats to all involved and kudos to Irene and Jean Marie for sending this in. We need more active parents like them on the School Board. This was a great idea. Hopefully Mr. Ramos isn’t one of the young teachers about to get laid off.


I hope the program can go beyond 6th grade.

Congratulations kids! :mrgreen: