The Internship

The Internship was a mighty fine movie!

Man – this is one absolutely certain “negative” I can attribute to the “interwebs” we call the “internet.”

You’ve probably seen (or heard of) the movie The Internship, right? Well, now that we’re headed into Memorial Day Weekend – this is a great flick to pick up for some casual “down time” if you have not had the opportunity to see it.

Before we begin – take a trip down (your own) memory lane and (honestly) examine how you formed your “opinion” of the movie “The Internship.”

Did you enjoy the Internship 150x150 - The InternshipDid you:

  1. Watch the trailer?
  2. Read reviews?
  3. Analyze critic response?
  4. Ask what others thought? Your friends? Social media?
  5. “Compared” it to other movies?

Let that settle for a moment – then read on….

The Internship movie was good 540x226 - The Internship

How do you shape your opinion? Or decision to partake?

I’ll rewind for a minute here to put this whole post into perspective.

We watched this movie – and enjoyed it very much.

We never saw a trailer.

Didn’t read reviews.

Only knew that we enjoyed the actors on screen previously, and thought the subject matter was interesting enough for us. That is IT.

And when you see the “judgmental” opinions of people who expect this or that – it makes you cringe. And by golly – these are the same assholes that want “equality” and “fairness!” Do you not realize the hypocrisy amongst us?

Sure, Wedding Crashers was a classic – but you need to put things into perspective. Different subject matter, different time, and so on.

I don’t watch movies as much as you might believe – but I do look at the reviews every week for the purpose of this regular post. And the condescending tone you get from some of these “reviewers” is interesting. Who the hell are these people? I mean what kind of “reaction” is this??

“Vaughn and Wilson take an incredibly formulaic and improbable setup and make it somewhat enjoyable.”


“The comedic magic that Wilson and Vaughn brought to the screen when paired up in the 2005 hit “Wedding Crashers” seems to have dwindled. Their interactions are still fun to watch, just not as funny.”

Those are pussified copouts!

Perhaps the “LOL’s” were different and more frequent in their other movies. So what. Who measures “laughs per square minute?” An overall “body of work” should not be scrutinized via “metrics.”

The pace of the movie may be different. You ever think of that? Because of the subject matter, maybe there are less “opportunities” for “comedy?”

Wedding Crashers was an entirely different premise from The Internship. How can you even compare it apples to apples?

Yet everyone felt the comparison was equal. We disagree. It was a fine piece of movie-making. No greater or lesser than previous works. This is a prime example why you should form your own opinions about pretty much everything on planet Earth – via your OWN experience.

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