Uber Office in Hoboken

Non-event – An Uber office in Hoboken, NJ


Uber Office Hoboken NJ

Is an app-company office reason for excitement?

Some folks got “excited” because the (app company) Uber opened up an office on Washington Street in Hoboken, NJ. I don’t seem to know why.

Uber Hoboken NJIt’s just an app company!

Apparently this “office space” is some kind of “support center” for Uber drivers.

Like if they have problems with their apps – or “have questions.” Huh? Isn’t that what email and phones are for? Why have a physical office to support what is an online venture anyway? Sounds stupid – and they’re probably blowing through “startup cash” because of it.

Yeah, it sounds a bit critical – but we’re not against the app-company, really. (Although I really think “apps” may be the eventual downfall of society.)

What we don’t favor these days are “regulations,” and such which are the focal point of the “controversy” surrounding these for-hire drivers (including taxis.)

It’s too bad both sides of this polarizing debate don’t realize that, as they argue fruitlessly while “TPTB” laugh on their way to the bank. Oh well again!

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