Big Bad Bomb Squad

Jeepers! The Big Bad Bomb Squad comes to Hoboken!

Much to the amusement of kids who live near Park Avenue and 7th Streets – the Jersey City Bomb Squad made an appearance today!

What’s the “error rate” with these calls for the big bad bomb squads anyway in America? Like 99.99999% of the time it’s NOT a bomb or improvised explosive?

And I wonder how much money is spent on these almost military-like vehicles? In total for the whole country? I bet it’s in the billions – and that money could have been used to feed some hungry people or lower quarterly ransom payments for property owners all over the map.

I bet if people didn’t watch action movies – none of this so-called “fear” would exist. Oh well.

Jersey City Bomb Squad Hoboken NJ - Big Bad Bomb Squad

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Could have saved the bomb squad trip by checking the owners name and finding out the owner had a dealer license. Upon death I am sure there have to be provisions for the dealer license to transfer or that the guns and paraphernalia be propelry liquidated.


Looks like a real reason for that truck being here:

“Hoboken police conducting a safety check on a rat-infested Park Avenue apartment on Monday found multiple “explosive devices” and more than a dozen firearms in the home, including nine assault rifles and four handguns.

According to police, officers conducted a well-being check of the apartment around 2:30 p.m., at the request of a caller who reported a large amount of flies gathered around the window.

With assistance from the Hoboken Fire Department, officers entered the apartment and conducted a sweep of the residence, finding nobody home.

The officers reportedly found garbage and dead rats scattered throughout the apartment, creating a “strong decay odor.”

In one of the rooms, officers found firearms and what appeared to be explosive devices. Following an evaluation from the Hoboken police firearms instructor, the Jersey City Bomb Squad was called to inspect and remove the devices.

The firearms were removed and placed in the Hoboken police safe.

Due to the condition of the apartment, the health inspector was also notified.

According to police, the owner of the apartment later stated that the weapons were war artifacts her deceased husband had collected and were all decommissioned.

The deceased owner was a previous employee and owner of the Hudson County Pistol Range, which was located in Hoboken and is now out of business, added police.”


Hey, parents of those kids hanging out by the bomb truck. Where are your priorities? Set an example. Get your Lexus out of harm’s way.