Times of crisis

How do people handle times of crisis?

Food for thought on a Tuesday. Found this amazing color footage of the aftermath of World War II over in Germany. Crazy destruction.

Mile after mile of residential buildings literally gutted (walls still standing – they don’t build them like that these days). You ever wonder how “war” between countries have to involve the killing of innocent civilians who had nothing to do with any kind of threat? Those God-damn politicians, I tell ya.

But what struck me as amazing was the amount of calmness and cooperation amongst the “survivors.” (And no one taking “selfies” in front of the rubble).

This would not happen in America

Remember Katrina? The looting? The nonsensical riots in Baltimore?

Heck, even people couldn’t manage the Amtrak derailment without “stepping over one another.”

It’s a bleak outlook for us indeed. While I would hope that “cooler heads would prevail,” it certainly would be chaotic if something similar happened in today’s times. (Here at least).

amtrak derailment

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