The Joys of Hoboken Parking

The Joys of Hoboken Parking (not)

Everyone on planet Earth knows what a debacle parking is in Hoboken. There are solutions to fix what is wrong and I promise you it’s not bike lanes. People in this town somehow think we’re the Netherlands. We’re not!

Anyway – Let’s dabble into just a few recent examples of Hoboken parking retardation.

Robots are supposed to make life easier, no?

Can you read that sign? I didn’t think so. Now try it again when it’s dark out. Good luck with that! You’ll return to your car after dinner with a boot on it.

Hoboken parking 1

Only if they had a brain…

We need the grammar police to ticket the parking police – or at least someone needs to look up “only” in the dictionary. When the next sentence explains the 4-hour criteria that makes it okay for non-permit holders to park there, it’s clearly not “Permit Parking Only.” Who wrote this?

Hoboken Parking 2

Parking tickets now come in Pez dispensers

Should a car get multiple tickets the same day for the same location? We found these two tickets on this SUV for the same day: one printed in the 9am hour, the other in the 2pm hour. Is this fair? If so, why not print a new ticket every 30 seconds until the driver appears?

Hoboken Parking 3

Make them go away please (red curbs)

First, how much red curb paint can chip off before parking there ought to become legal? Second, why were the curbs ever painted red in the first place on the one-way streets that no one ever turns into and there are no fire hydrants? Did anyone think about this?

Hoboken Parking 4b

Plenty of “pay here” signs.. but not enough…

The city spares no expense when it comes to properly designating places to PAY them money. How about a sign that would actually be useful like: “No Bicycles on Sidewalks?”

Hoboken parking 5

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The one the bugs the hell out of me is at 15th and Bloomfield. On the west side of the street 1-2 cars could park in the red area. So you might think, well, that red area is there so people can see around the corner and not hit people in the crosswalk… except whomever approved the toll bros garage allowed it to be nearly right up on the corner. There is no way any animal on earth other an a giraffe could be back as far as the red line and see around that corner. It just hows how not a single person is thinking in this place…so then let’s talk about the one on the east side at that corner – the building there is so far back from the corner, you can see around it half way up the block. Another 1-2 cars could park there.

Kyle J Kelly
Kyle J Kelly

Parking in town has always been a nightmare. What else is new…

no hype
no hype

Get a garage and you don’t have to worry about it. Whining about free parking is so pathetic.[quote comment=”224577″]Parking in town has always been a nightmare. What else is new…[/quote]