How Comedians succeed?

Where: How Comedians Succeed?

We’ve promoted countless “comedy” acts here in Hoboken over the years.

Comedians appearances - How Comedians succeed?And back in the day – it seemed “important” to each comedian to promote where they have appeared… This, (to me) is bullshit!

  • Hello! (Unknown Comic) (appeared on hardly-viewed show so and so…)
  • And another (unknown comic) (Appeared here and there)
  • And yet another (unknown comic) (appeared here too)

To me, their “appearances” don’t mean shit if I never saw them!’

Why can’t these marketers of comedians just list links to videos we can watch and decide on our own? Who decided that “name-dropping” TV shows or venues meant something? Isn’t their name alone enough? That is why I’ve removed their “appearances” when we promote them.

To be fair – I guess those comedians “take pride” in the fact that they’ve performed at some more well-known stages – and they expect others to “get it.” If they want to tout themselves that way – so be it. I just don’t see the added value.

But in the end – it basically boils down to the equivalent of those crappy late night infomercial products when they say “As seen on TV!”

My favorite comedian has been on none of those shows. His name is Tim Hawkins – and he’s definitely not “the worst.”

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