Truth in Graffiti?

Hoboken truth in graffiti?

What do you think of this simple (and fairly harmless) graffiti “tag” near the Metro Stop building in Hoboken?

It reads: “This town does not define you.”

While I’m an independent thinker – and know that nothing defines me but me – I can understand where the writer of this graffiti is coming from.

Many people are in fact “defined” by their locales. They need to “fit in” to have comfort. I mean, have you seen how many overweight women are carrying yoga mats around with them? Holy shit!

The main reason I like what this person wrote on the fence – is that it may hopefully inspire some people to think a bit deeper. It’s not about things, stuff or “statuses.” Your life is short. You should be doing things that are more important than narcissistic endeavors that pad your Fakebook timeline. What about reading a book? Or staying home and doing “nothing” on a Friday night without apologies?

Hoboken may only define those narcissists I rank on about!

This town does not define you hoboken nj graffiti

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