MS13 Gang rumors


I heard the same rumor from a reliable source the other day…

Apparently the MS13 gang, which apparently is a very dangerous group of criminals, is creeping into our area. This week, supposedly, was a “gang initiation” period where some bad stuff could have happened.


Here’s how one Hoboken411 reader put it:

“I was speaking with a guy I know who is tied into Hoboken from birth. He told me abut a call he got Tuesday night. 3/25/08 saying that it was initiation night for the gang MS13. Apparently they have a base in West NY and it is trying to Hoboken.

The initiation was to bump a car from behind, if the driver got out – “shoot them.”

With LaBruno MIA and the rest of the force inundated with law suits, springtime jubilation and constant Fed surveillance, who’s minding the store?”

USAToday link from 2006

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well i think ms-13 aint got nothing in the east coast. they are in west new york and they hide there this isnt california. ms-13 in hoboken yea they the ones serving in dinners but not hanging in the fourth projects. we have to understand that everybody that hangs out on washington street dont live in hoboken. there are to many gangs in nj and local gangs that dont like ms-13.


Apparently they -are- in Hoboken:


Yeah, but he’s a personal injury attorney.


for a lawyer you’re a real wiz! 😆


[quote comment=”76080″][quote comment=”76068″][quote comment=”76051″]I found a video today of some skinny preppie kid from SMU laying the smack down to 3 of these MS13 punks.

The guy who caught it on tape made a website devoted to it:
I heard justaview’s mother loves to suck off MS13 members to this video.

Funny stuff.

How many new members has MS13 initiated this week? I don’t recall any shooting.

Crap News Network – Fair & Balanced – That’s 411![/quote]

This is a video of townies mom with some gang members! you wonder why he’s a bigot!
You fascination with my mother is quite funny.

I guess when you were in Boces learning how to change oil for your career at Jiffy Lube you were the subject of many mother jokes. That cool. I feel for you. I am not a bigot, I just know that stereotypes are rooted in truth.

I suspect that you are one of the protected classes that need that boy (I meant man) Obama to represent. Do you spend all day on Youtube or do your co-workers e-mail those movies about your mother and you post them here as your own thoughts.

Your humor is like a hand job, yeah its a type of sex but your better off keeping that activity to yourself.