60 Second Review: The Ainsworth

Hoboken 60 Second Review: The Ainsworth

We had a chance to speak with Stephen Yen, the Corporate Executive Chef for all 15 restaurants run by the Paige Group / Funbars – which includes the freshly opened Ainsworth on Sinatra Drive. We interviewed him with Hoboken Internet Radio if you want all the fun details. The purpose of this post is to share our “tasting” experience with some samples from the Ainsworth menu!

Best burgers in Hoboken?

Chef Yen really knows how to create food that tastes GOOD. And that includes more traditional methods (not boring new-age “low fat” stuff either). And if you dig hamburgers – The Ainsworth is your best bet in town.

Ainsworth burgers Hoboken NJ - 60 Second Review: The Ainsworth

Mac & Cheese Burger
Apparently the most “Instagrammed” burger in the Tri-state area. A deep-fried mac & cheese patty, a juicy burger (custom blend of meat from a local meat purveyor), and even more mac & cheese on top. Sinfully perfect. Tough for a low-carb person to resist. $16.

Hangar Steak Burger
A burger with a thinly sliced hangar steak on top? Yes please! Was delicious and perfect for any meat-lover. You can also order without bun, and eat like a steak if you prefer. Oh, and the fries are twice-fried, and made from whole potatoes. $18.

Quinoa-Kale Burger
Not your ordinary “veggie burger” that’s for sure. A unique taste that didn’t fall apart like other kinds of black-bean or carrot based veggie burgers. Had a nice “greek” flavor to it. I’m sure the vegetarians would not complain. $16.

Thai Kale Salad

I’ve always been hit or miss with Kale. Sometimes it’s a bit harsh for me, but apparently “massaging” the kale makes it taste better? Who knew? This flavor explosion was a delight. With strawberries, mint, cilantro and a subtle but rewarding chili peanut dressing. A+. $15.

Kale Salad Ainsworth Hoboken NJ - 60 Second Review: The Ainsworth

Buffalo Chicken Tacos

You want something that “sticks to the ribs,” has great flavor, and nice texture? Then the Buffalo Chicken Tacos are your ticket. Not too spicy, with awesome slow-boiled tender chicken. You can request “hotter” if you dig the spice. $14.

Buffalo Chicken Soft Tacos Ainsworth Hoboken NJ - 60 Second Review: The Ainsworth

Fresh Oysters anyone?

Lastly – we tried some Oysters (which they have for $1 apiece during happy hour). These don’t float my boat, but I tried one anyway. Tasted as fresh as an oyster can taste, and sourced from clean waters way north off the coast of British Columbia. Hooray for non-toxic seafood, I guess. These are big sellers with patrons.

Ainsworth Oysters Hoboken NJ - 60 Second Review: The Ainsworth

Good food, good service makes repeat customers

It’s nice to see the guys from Funbars team up with the Paige Hospitality Group. A true power-house of restaurant professionals. And you can sense the overall quality in The Ainsworth.

I doubt that you’ll see service or quality ever decline in a place that cares about consistency and customer satisfaction. No one can be perfect 100% of the time, but overall they seem to have their shit together.

Oh, and the people who “complain” about cold food are probably the ones who take photos and update their stupid social media apps before they eat. Yes, it’s come to that!

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Saturday, May 9, 2015 3:46 am

18 bucks for a burger and it was really nothing special…won’t be going back to this chain joint.

Saturday, May 9, 2015 1:09 am

We’ve gone a few times and have had perfect service. Not sure when those that complain about bad service go, but everything has been great each time. I tend to agree that people complain because they don’t realize they are the reason… they created the suck?

Friday, May 8, 2015 1:16 pm

I’m surprised the service was as good as you say. When I went it was terrible and I know several other people who have also had nothing but incredibly slow, lousy service. When I went a few weeks ago they were also out of several items on the menu. Food was okay.

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