Portable hydration (woof)

Portable hydration for dogs

Now that the warmer months are upon us – it’s time to remind dog owners of the importance of “portable hydration.”

While we are far from a desert, and with plenty of convenience stores that sell bottled water a stone’s throw away at any given point – it still is a good idea to have the water ready at all times. Heat exhaustion and dehydration can hit a dog out of the blue with little warning. Plus, they’re closer to the hot city pavement!

Which is why we like the collapsible water bowls like the Outward Hound product Hoboken411 Mascot Oscar is demonstrating below. Cornerstone Pets (105 9th St.) has many different versions in stock now, including attachments for water bottles.

portable hydration for dogs oscar Hoboken411 - Portable hydration (woof)

Our dogs prefer the “bowls,” as it’s much more efficient than bottles, and prevents “water-gagging.” However, if you do choose the “bottle” method – the “Gulpy” is the only brand that is leak-proof.

And here is some of what Cornerstone has in stock at the moment:

Stay cool, pooches!

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