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Delivery relief with Package Concierge in Hoboken, NJ

With online ordering being the norm these days – getting packages delivered in Hoboken is usually okay. But there comes a time, especially in multi-unit apartment complexes where it causes a problem. The main issue is package theft – which happens more frequently than reported.

While some buildings have concierges – others are looking to cut overhead. This is where Package Concierge comes in – currently in use over at the Observer Park Community downtown.

package concierge Hoboken NJ observer park

Signed, sealed and delivered with Package Concierge

High-rise apartment buildings and other multi-family communities are receiving more packages than ever and struggling to manage the “last mile” from delivery to tenant’s hands. This is a challenge that the team at Hoboken’s Observer Park faced, and though they tried several methods to manage incoming packages including office staff, leaving packages in the lobby and even a full time concierge – nothing adequately solved the problem.

It’s enough of an issue that leading properties are scrambling to find solutions. At Observer Park, they installed a digital package locker system, Package Concierge, which offers a convenient, secure package management solution for apartment communities. As a result, staff saves over 90 minutes a day managing packages so they can focus on more important aspects of the job (getting to know residents, planning events, and following up with residents and prospects).

It’s been a big success with the residents of Observer Park as residents love knowing their packages are secure and that they can retrieve packages when it’s convenient for them. In fact, property manager Michelle Gallagher notes that Package Concierge plays an important role in Observer Park’s renewal rates and sales.

Oh, and here’s a little more:

Do you think “robotic” mechanisms like this are worth it? Or do you still value the “human touch?”

If you’re interested in this product – call Package Concierge at 888-989-7225 to find out how you can get it in your building.

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