U Drive U Text U Pay

WTF – U Drive U Text U Pay campaign in NJ

After hitting up Short Hills Mall recently – we noticed tons of these “public service” signs along the highway that “read” – U DRIVE U TEXT U PAY.

For one, we absolutely feel that using your stupid smartphone while driving is just a bad decision. Just like texting and walking, status updates at dinner, and so on.

Do we feel there needs to be “legislation” for this? NO. Because people still do it nonetheless, and it only feeds the coffers of local municipalities.

But this sign – written in “TXT” language is just the worst!

Why couldn’t it be in plain English?YOU TEXT, YOU DRIVE, YOU PAY? It’s not like they didn’t have enough space on this sign.

Did they do that so that the idiot millennials could “relate” better? Communicating “in their language” only reinforces the problem (and their stupidity).

Singling out just one “distraction” and lack of common sense is wrong. People who don’t pay attention can be consumed by many other things, like adjusting the radio, fiddling with makeup, eating, and more. And isn’t this sign by itself also a distraction? Shouldn’t I be paying attention to the ROAD?

However, it is my belief that you can “regulate” stupidity so much, but it will FOREVER be a problem until the (millions of) individuals decide for themselves that self-preservation is kind of important. Until then, we do have Mr. Darwin helping out.

U drive U text U pay U slave NJ

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