Flashback Hoboken: 80,000 hours ago

Memories from 80,000 hours ago – Flashback Hoboken

Here’s another entry for the Flashback Hoboken time capsule category. What dusty historical nuggets did we come up with this week?

Remember the mounted police?

Back in the day – Hoboken used to have their own mounted police unit. Remember that? Those horses were a riot. Best crowd control mechanism out there still! Even though they stunk like shit. All sorts of “trickery” led to their demise.

They were briefly replaced by dopey segway scooters – and now we’ve hit rock-bottom: Bicycles.

Hoboken Mounted Police Flashback 2006

Melina’s Pizza

Melina’s Pizza at 6th and Adams was considered by some to be the best pizza Hoboken ever had. Along with tasty garlic knots and empenadas.

I know some people in town who’ve stopped eating pizza altogether since they closed down.

Now replaced by Dozzino Artisinal Brick Oven Pizza.

Melinas Pizza Hoboken NJ flashback 2006

Sinatra Drive Doom Strip

Boy, this section along Sinatra Drive between First and Second Streets has seen it’s share of revolving activity.

Take a look at these three which were once all in business at once: First Street Bar and Grill, Spa H and Beach Bum Tanning. They all fizzled out.

We had a Melting Pot that was over like the 90’s (supposedly becoming World of Beer), a Crunch Gym, and Kiddie Academy.

Sinatra Drive businesses closed Hoboken NJ

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