New Ferry slip uptown

8/25/2008 Update:

Ferry terminal move seems to be complete. Let the complaints begin:

hoboken uptown ny waterway ferry slip new location 4 - New Ferry slip uptown

8/20/2008 Update:

Hoboken411 reader Matt caught the “ticket hut” for the NY Waterway playing “musical piers” yesterday, as they moved the waiting area to its new location:


No Uptown Ferry service the weekend of the 23rd & 24th, with normal service resuming on Monday the 25th.

See previous updates and full NY Waterway announcement after the jump.

8/13/2008 Update:

As mentioned earlier this month, it’s true: New York Waterway is re-locating the 14th St. ferry slip “one pier north.”

NY Waterway moves Hoboken North terminal to more convenient location

hoboken 14th st pier work - New Ferry slip uptown

To improve customer convenience and to reduce the impact on a local marina, NY Waterway is moving its Hoboken 14th Street Ferry Terminal one block north to the foot of 14th Street.

During the move the weekend of August 23 – 24, NY Waterway will offer free shuttle bus service between Hoboken 14th Street and the Port Imperial Ferry Terminal in Weehawken. Normal ferry service resumes Monday, August 25.

Because of new development and new streets in the area, the new terminal will be more convenient to more riders. The new location also will reduce the impact of ferry traffic on a local marina, which was built next to the terminal several years after the terminal opened.

The existing terminal building will be moved to the new location, so customers will continue to enjoy an indoor waiting room with vending machines which accept credit cards for ferry ticket purchases. A welcome addition is a monitor which will provide up-to-the-minute schedules and other information.

Commuter ferry service between Hoboken 14th Street and West 39th Street in Manhattan is available seven days a week. NY Waterway provides free shuttle bus service to Hoboken 14th Street and free buses from 39th Street to Midtown and Downtown Manhattan.

For schedules and more information, call 1-800-53-FERRY or check the website,


Word on the street is that they’re planning on moving the Uptown NY Waterway Ferry slip from 13th St (Shipyard Marina) to the 14th Street drunken fishing pier.

I was skeptical when I heard about this last year, but these guys working on the pier last week made me wonder:

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[quote comment=”101183″]I think that the gate was locked when the park was closed. [/quote]

I’ve seen it locked in the past at random times like 5PM on a Tuesday, and at 11am on a Saturday.

uptown girl

I think that the gate was locked when the park was closed. I believe that all parks in Hoboken technically (aka officially) close between sundown and sunrise. So I suppose they will have to extend the park’s hours to accomidate the commuters. Although I will say, the vision of a couple of boatloads of commuters getting stuck on a locked pier is somewhat amusing.


Sometimes the gate for this pier is randomly locked. I wonder what’s going to happen when it’s randomly locked and people need to get on the ferry.


Thx Upright. Maybe if your kid gloves don’t abate my righteousness then Obama losing in a squeaker in November might do it. much appreciated.

Now can I suggest you start a building newsletter so all our friends at the Shipyard can start to know more about what is happening – or might happen – right outside their window.

One thing I noticed today is that Maxwell Place did not put ANY trees along 12th St. Kinda strange there’s not even ONE…


BTW, I live in the Shipyard so with all the charges I pay an the new increase in rent I just got, I just thought it might be nice to know when they are making a major change to the area. Not that they have to tell me. Seriously, I could give a damn about the ferry terminal. It’s one slip or the next, a hop skip and a jump away.