Gassy Hoboken

Fuel fixtures in “Gassy Hoboken”

You might drive by the uptown Sunoco quite often. Not thinking much about it. But ever imagine what it looked like 40 or so years ago?

Photography George Tice had a photo from “back in the day,” when it was an Esso Station. (“Esso” the phonetic version of “S.O.” or Standard Oil). Esso didn’t go away, as they’re essentially ExxonMobil, and a big international conglomerate.

And that “Humble” wasn’t just a cute way of saying nice business owner, Humble was a big oil company in Humble, Texas which was bought by Standard Oil and later merged with Exxon. Looking into the global oil companies is just mind-numbing considering how complex they are.

Anyway – the site remains pretty much intact after all these years, despite converting to a Sunoco.

Hoboken Esso Sunoco sm - Gassy Hoboken

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