Fix Your Feet Event


Got gnarly feet? Want a free foot massage for the heck of it? Want to learn about an honestly amazing product?

Well, head over to Good Kleen Fun this Saturday afternoon to give your sore, tired, and sad feed a lift!

I reviewed the Orna product last year, and can attest that it works like no other foot treatment. The abuse I give my poor, defenseless feet is astonishing, and within a few days, I felt like a pampered celebrity after using this revolutionary cream. Read that review, because it was an honest and straight-forward account of what the results were (and I warned Orna that I’d give the straight scoop, even if it didn’t work).

I’m planning on going, but I’m a bit nervous because I haven’t bought new sneakers in over 18 months, and these things are dangerous. Maybe I’ll get a new pair just for this occasion.

For those of you that think I kiss-up to businesses in town, you’re dead wrong. I have pictorial proof of the results, and stand by them.

orna good kleen fun - Fix Your Feet Event

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Thursday, March 27, 2008 2:06 pm

Um. Wrong thread, something.

Thursday, March 27, 2008 12:36 pm

Alright- I too haven’t posted anything for awhile.

“girl” – your comments are superb. Seriously funny 🙂

“MF” – dude, the reason why updated websites are critical is because clients (that would be “us”) can access a central source of information and it keeps the business ‘doing business’ instead of answering the same recorded questions over and over again (uh hello? can you tell me what time the bodypump class is tonight? oh ok, what about tomorrow night – any classes then? – oh ya, I almost forgot – who’s teaching the classes? one last question – are you open on Dec 26? MF, GET THE POINT?).. there isn’t a gym in Hoboken that doesn’t have an updated website. BE OUR GUEST AND CHECK EVERY CLUB. Schedules are THE MOST important piece of information in our daily lives (trains, planes, meetings WHATEVER). You don’t need a schedule to use a bench press. You don’t need a schedule to use a dumb bell and, guess what? If your excuse is that 15 years ago we didn’t have the internet – what about 200 years ago? maybe we can ask the new management to start attaching messages on the necks of parking lot pigeons and direct them to fly north or south, in order to drop off schedules? Hey, does anybody own a horse?

Towels – pathetic smell.

Thursday, March 27, 2008 12:33 pm

Orna foot cream is one of the best product I’ve ever tried. As someone who treks around in high heels every day and who tends to have dry skin on my feet, it’s always a treat to put this stuff on. It makes your feet feel better instantly, and they look better seemingly overnight. Well worth the money… great product, and great to support a local businesswoman.

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