SexyPop Popcorn will soon be available in Hoboken!

I’m sure you know what “Pirate’s Booty” is, right? It’s an addictive cheddar corn pop snack that has been around for a long time. And when I say addictive – it’s not easy for ANYONE to just “eat a few.” It’s also marketed as “healthy” since there are less chemicals (but the same amount of insulin-spiking carbs).

They’re on supermarket shelves across the globe.

But the owner of the Pirate’s Booty (Robert’s American Gourmet) sold the product for like $200 million bucks recently and started a new company: SexyPop popcorn.

I ran into a couple of the SexyPop “representatives” the other day.

SexyPop Popcorn NJ Hoboken - SexyPop

On Long Island – SexyPop wants to expand to Hoboken (and beyond)

So I met Lazaro and his co-worker, and they just started peddling the new SexyPop popcorn to local businesses like King’s.

What is Sexy Pop (according to them):

“SexyPop is a global snack food company. Our company is based on fun and passion. Be smart, be thoughtful, be generous. Enjoy SexyPop. Order some for a friend or yourself today. It’s really really good.”

After meeting my two new friends and giving them “solid leads” where they could sell their products – they graciously offered me many samples to take home: Bangin’ Cheddar (2) – Black Pepper and Brazilian Coconut.

I gave one bag of cheddar to a trusted confidant – who let me down with their feedback. “Meh.”

{Disclaimer – Popcorn is essentially the “seed of a grain.” Corn, oats, wheat, rice, barley and more are just not smart for people to eat (according to Wheat Belly Total Health author William Davis). So “enjoy” at your own risk}

I accepted the generous gifts (ARV ~ $6.00) and took them home.

The cheddar was not as bland as my acquaintance suggested. Considering I stay as far as my willpower allows from “processed” anything, these popcorn nuggets were not so bad. Addictive? Yes. But definitely could have been “greasier.” Air-popped popcorn just sucks. Butter is better. But they nailed the flavor in my opinion.

The other two flavors I (shouldn’t have) tasted were also very interesting. The Pepper flavor was quite subtle. A perfect amount of salt, too. But popcorn just cannot satiate anyone. You become obsessed like a malfunctioning robot. Arm-mouth. Arm-mouth. Arm-mouth. Fuck that shit! Put it back in the pantry! But regardless, the flavor and texture was perfect. If you can control yourself. Nice to try a popcorn that doesn’t have diamond-strength nuggets that send you to the dentist like other brands.

Next was the Brazilian Coconut flavor. It’s like a tease. You get the “sense” that it’s sweet, but it’s really not. It’s also slightly salty, but has the somewhat sweet essence of coconut. Again, curiously addictive. If you put any of their flavors in a bowl at an apartment party – 100% guarantee that they’d all be empty. Empty bowl. Unsatisfied party patrons. Sounds like a “winner” to me!

Expect to see SexPop Popcorn at various local Hoboken merchants this year. And be on the lookout for other flavors like French Butter, Nantucket Salted, Pineapple Habanero and Bodacious Banana as well.

It was quite interesting to see the genesis of a product relationship in Hoboken. Judging by the demographic – this will do fairly well until the rest of the populous realizes the problem with grains like corn (GMO or not). But my faith in humanity remains grim.

Call Lazaro Jimenez (Sales & Retail Merchandising Representative) at (347)400-8137 or (516)671-4411 if you want this in your store! They have promotional discounts right now and an excellent price-point for this snack.

SexyPop is it worth it in Hoboken NJ - SexyPop

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