75k Milestone


Another milestone for Hoboken411!

While I was “all over the map” yesterday, 411 reader “bornandrazedinhobo” had the 75,000th comment (out of over 300 yesterday) with his input about Police Chief Carmen Labruno on the “Hoboken cop car booted” thread!

I always thought the site relied exclusively on dirty Hoboken politics to keep the buzz and conversation going. Boy, was I wrong! With council elections completed long ago, 411 continues to grow at a steady rate. All I can say is thank you all for visiting the site I have essentially dedicated myself to, and hope that we can make the “gold coast” of Hudson County a better place to live.

Again, to the lurkers and new readers: This is an extremely strong community site, so feel free to register, login, and express yourself!

See you at 100k!

Hoboken Comment Milestone Graphic

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