60 Second Review: Vivi Bubble Tea

Vivi Bubble Tea in Hoboken, NJ – Interesting to say the least!

We originally thought that Vivi Bubble Tea (117 Washington St.) was an exceedingly ambitious endeavor. Not knowing much about it – our initial feelings were that it was another one of the “revolving door” businesses in Hoboken. After checking it out – they might have actually done something right!

Stopped in the other day and “observed,” as well as sampled a few of their (non “bubble” items). What did we see?

Hoboken 60 Second Review Vivi Bubble Tea - 60 Second Review: Vivi Bubble Tea

  • The place was clean, well-decorated (with “happy things”), and staffed with a friendly competent crew (all Asian).
  • They had a thorough and informative menu. Tons of choices. Easy to understand.
  • Decent seating and properly maintained.
  • Sample #1: We had the spicy popcorn chicken ($4.25 plus tax). A very good value. Enough for two to share. Dark meat chicken was prevalent (great!)
  • Sample #2: Bought a “six pack” of “Macarons.” Some treat they source from NYC. Expensive ($2.50 a pop). Those that sampled it found them “decadent” and “great to enjoy while eating slowly.” A wide variety of flavors.
  • We visited during a weekday afternoon. Busier than 98% of other Hoboken businesses. The clientele was nearly 100% Asian as well. Amazing how a certain “demographic” flocked like bees to flowers.
  • I doubt a “brawl” will ever happen in this establishment.

Based on what we saw for the 45 minutes we were there – the place will be around for a while (until the “next big thing” lures customers away). You can also see a menu of their offerings here.

Kudos to Vivi Bubble Tea for a properly executed businesses. Everything they did – down to the staff, was well thought out. Much respect!

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Friday, April 24, 2015 4:43 pm

My new favorite place in Hoboken!

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