60 Second Review: Buddha Press

60 Second Review: Buddha Press Coffee

Buddha Press Hoboken NJ Review in 60 SecondsResidents were eagerly awaiting the opening of Buddha Press at 322 Washington Street.

But what is the (real) verdict?

  • Good: Cool layout, “trendy” product offerings (read: so-called “healthy”), and decent prices.
  • Bad: Only provide two milk or cream choices for your coffee: Almond milk and cashew milk.

This limited cream choices are a deal-breaker for us – and many other coffee drinkers. Most people like REAL cow’s milk to round their coffee out. To force customers to choose from these “new-age” milks – is just bad for business. Maybe they’ll have enough customers who dig the dairy-free products to sustain themselves.

But we hope they change their mind – because the coffee itself was quite decent. And if I have to go home or to another store to add heavy cream to my drink it kind of defeats the purpose. Just get yourself your own Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Kit – and save yourself the trouble.

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