Deranged kid attempts dog murder


Hoboken411 reader Rob ‘shopped this image together of “Superdog” zapping the rock-wielding kid to oblivion!



Here’s a horrible example of how screwed up some children can become without appropriate parenting.


From Hoboken411 reader Susan:

Mini-sized sicko

“I was at Church Square Park this past weekend. Sometime between 4 and 4:30 I saw someone’s dog, a white, cropped small dog looking a little like a large Havanese or Llaso Apso. The dog was tied up beside a stroller, right inside the 4th and Park entrance, by the chess tables. The owner was nowhere to be seen. The animal was still there at 5 when I left.

A boy of about 9 came over to aggravate the dog. He had a rock the size of his fist in his hand and three separate times he approached the dog to hit it with the rock. He was not playing–he’d hit a bird with the rock earlier. The only reason this psychopathic brat stopped was that the dog barked and growled and jumped at him to scare him off–and it worked. This wasn’t a vicious animal–he did nothing when other dogs, kids and adults went past–he just understood that this boy intended to harm him. The dog was tied on a short leash and could not have gotten away.

To answer the inevitable question, I was too far away to do anything, and I couldn’t leave the area I was in unless I wanted to take my young child with me.

The point is that this charmer of a child isn’t alone. There are all kinds of people in Hoboken, and a few are more than happy to taunt, tease and injure helpless animals. Please don’t tie your dogs where you can’t see them and come to their defense if needed.”

Giving a kid a “lesson” (if you know what I mean) used to be an acceptable form of discipline and an appropriate right of passage to adulthood back in the day.

Nowadays, you look at someone funny, and off to jail you go. This kid needs discipline, and all it seems he’s gonna get ia ass-kissing and special treatment. Start the “jail” count-down timer now.


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omg you guys really do take this stuff way too seriously. I love getting a rise out of you people!!!! it’s fun!!! if my kids were old enough I would totally show them this website so they can see how crrraaaaazy and totally lacking in humor/irony you guys are! I would think you people would appreciate my handle more than anyone! Lighten up people! You give me waaaaaay too much satisfaction.

Why don’t some of you just admit there’s some jealousy here. But there shouldn’t be. Lots of families make sacrifices you don’t see so the moms can stay home with the kids. It’s not exactly a cakewalk to stay home all day with demanding kids. Some people would rather go to the office and hire a nanny. You can choose not to see it this way, but moms work 24/7 so don’t tell me “the rest of us work for a living”. It;s just insulting. You don;t know what the hell you;re talking about. But you get back to me when you have your own perfect little offspring.

For the record, I’m too lazy to do yoga.



The behavior here is interesting. Will you be letting your little ones on to the website and tell them your handle so they can see how you behave?

kooky kat

And while we’re at it, does ordering from the Madison make you superior? Because, most of us can not only pick up the phone, dial, place and order…but can pay for it just as easily as you can. Does having children make you more capable of completing this fairly simple task?

I prefer to cook for myself, eating out is so fattening. But I guess that you can do mommy and me yoga every day while the rest of us work for our living.


Breeder – Calling someone barren is pretty rude. But I guess you think it’s OK because you don’t candy coat things like liberals do, right?

You can attack people’s ideas, philosophies, actions, behaviors, whatever…KS of all people can hold her own in an argument. Your insult, like any insult related to someone’s physical differences, is over the line. (And no, I am not barren.) Especially because you seem to think of yourself as superior to anyone who doesn’t have kids.


[quote]Deranged kid attempts dog murder [/quote]

Mike Huckabee’s son lives in Hoboken?