Does Hudson Street need more stop signs?

Does Hudson Street need more stop signs in Hoboken?

Hoboken resident James lives near Hudson Street uptown. And he believes, that because Washington Street is already a “bottleneck” of traffic (and associated idiots), that intelligent drivers migrate towards Hudson Street in order to find a more efficient route to travel.

I agree actually – Washington Street sucks, for many reasons. Whether it’s the traffic lights (which aren’t bad at all), or the horrific potholes and the “moonscape texture” of the road – it’s better to travel elsewhere.

But James feels that as a result – Hudson Street has become an Indy 500 raceway!

Is Hudson Street that bad in Hoboken NJ - Does Hudson Street need more stop signs?

Forget Hoboken, dealing with Hudson County (gasp!) is better!

So James has been dealing with Hoboken for like over a year. Some city official named “Jon Tooke” was emailed REPEATEDLY week after week about concerns that James had. No decent response.

Then James copied the COUNTY (Hudson, in case you were not privy), and they started taking notice.

Hudson County did a “traffic survey” and determined that this road did NOT warrant stop signs as per the “Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices” (MUTCD). During an eight hour period, just over 2500 cars drove down and around 1700 pedestrians crossed Hudson Street in the area of concern.

The county also mentioned that the “MUTCD” recommends AGAINST installing STOP signs to “control speed,” claiming it doesn’t effectively do so (i.e., other measures like speed bumps are apparently better for that.)

It appears that the county might be close to installing at least one sign (near Hudson & 7th), and resident James is advocating for perhaps one or two more near 9th and 10th Streets. We’ll see what happens.

Do you think Hudson Street is “unsafe?” Would more traffic control measures just make traversing Hoboken that much more of an (already) pain in the ass?

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Monday, April 20, 2015 11:27 am

No secret we pay over a million dollars in salaries for the Governing Body plus directors and
none of them can be relied upon to execute their responsibilities as required. If you want PR or reports from the admin fine but that is not what muni governments are for. It is the County Freeholder, Romano and Senator Stack that you have to reach out for the shunned and neglected muni responsibilities.

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