Night of the “MVA”


For the most part, I’ve been knee-deep in massive technical “coding” and other “behind the scenes” crap here at Hoboken411 for the past 14 hours. Other than walking Oscar, I’ve been glued to the mission-control console here WAY too long.

Hoboken is Collision Central

But tonight has been a bit unusual with the number of motor vehicle accidents (“MVA” in police lingo).

Around 11:20pm a late model Toyota Camry was T-boned by a new Volvo SUV at the intersection of Third and Washington Streets. Hoboken PD, FD, and Volunteer Ambulance on the seen found the driver of the Camry stuck in the vehicle. The door had to be cut away from the vehicle to remove the driver. The EMT’s appeared concerned about neck injuries. The driver of the Volvo looked unhurt. Let’s hope any injuries are minor.

No wonder car insurance is ridiculously expensive in NJ.

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