Flashback Hoboken – Lost opportunities

Political opportunities lost from “two terms” ago – Flashback Hoboken

Today’s installment of the Flashback Hoboken time capsule category is politically oriented.

Let’s see what this trip down memory lane serves up!

Constant transportation meddling from Hoboken City Hall

You know how City Hall “meddles” and gets in the way of free market commerce in 2015, right?

It’s all about the UBER cabs and the ability for people to independently make personal contractual agreements among themselves – WITHOUT government interference.

But that’s nothing new.

Same shit happened in 2007, when city hall once again interfered with the whole PEDICAB movement in town. It was even “eco-friendly” and they didn’t want it.

Oh well.

pedicabs Hoboken NJ

Political friends (but not for long!)

Take a look at (still) wet behind the ears “mayor” don Zimmer back when she was hobnobbing to break into the political scene here in Hoboken. Friendly with everyone, including (now) political opponents Terry Castellano and Beth Mason. She won’t even look these ladies in the eyes anymore, that’s how unable she is to cope with those with differing viewpoints.

Some people were just not made for politics (and it’s no wonder why they need handlers and other people “calling the shots” behind closed doors.)

It was interesting while it lasted.

Hoboken zimmer friendly with castellano and mason

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