Hoboken City Council Meeting 4/15/2015

Hoboken City Council Meeting of April 15, 2015

Inspect Hoboken City Council meeting documents below – and click here at 7:00pm to watch live video stream.

Relatively boring (and most likely quick) meeting this week. But a few items of note:

  • Once again, the Hoboken Municipal Court reported “collections” of over $450,000 just in the month of March 2015 alone. You call it “collecting,” no one seems to mind, no one seems to care. They’ll never call it what it really is, “theft via coercion.” Doublespeak at it’s finest!
  • It begins. The “padding” of a contract for some developer regarding that microscopic “park” they want to (try and) build downtown. Now pushing half a million bucks for what? A few drawings? Underground water tanks when we have a massive river steps away? What’s the Vegas line on this? And why does our spineless, pushover administration ALLOW contractors to constantly ask for (and get) more money than originally agreed?
  • And another $40k for “patch management,” which also means “press releases about potholes being filled, while the rate of kidney stones in Hoboken continue to rise.”

Hoboken City Council Meeting April 15 NJ - Hoboken City Council Meeting 4/15/2015

Hoboken City Council Documents for April 15, 2015

Click to view documents below.

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