Gallery at Garden Street Lofts

The Gallery at Garden Street Lofts opening April 15th

The Gallery at Garden Street Lofts, a showcase of local artists, will host a public opening reception will take place Wednesday, April 15th from 6-8pm. The program is an effort to bring art into the home environment, support local artists and create events to bring the local community together.

The Gallery will spotlight a local artist on the walls of the Garden Street Lofts lobby every four months.

For each opening, reception that will be held open to all residents, guests of the artist, and the local community. The first artist to be showcased is Ricardo Roig. He will be exhibiting his Hoboken series of limited edition hand cut paper stencil screen prints. Wine will be provided by Cork Wine & Spirits and hors d’oeuvres provided by Hudson Table. Ricardo’s work will be on display until late August.

Gallery at Garden Street Lofts opening Hoboken NJ Ricardo Roig

The Artist – Ricardo Roig

Ricardo is a 31-year-old professional fine artist who maintains a working studio in Hoboken, NJ. Recently, Roig also opened a gallery space just down the street from the studio at 252 First Street where he can meet his growing collectors in a comfortable and convenient location. He will be showing his work at Roig Gallery and use his showroom to add color to the neighborhood while always giving Hoboken something new to see.

Roig moved to Hoboken in 2009 after attending the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, MD and initially supported himself by waiting tables at the Elysian Café. Hoboken quickly became his muse. The city’s architecture reminded him of the Belle Époque street scenes and interiors featured in Impressionist paintings, which he admires greatly. Roig uses his art as a vehicle for expression, communication and connection. Sharing his unique view of his surroundings allows his community to see their world differently and in a new way too. This relationship has allowed Roig’s work to continue to thrive for a number of years as his work has made its way into many local homes, businesses and distant locations like London, Toronto, Mexico, Spain, Hawaii, and Germany. The Hoboken Historical Museum showcased his work in 2012 with a very successful exhibit including his Mile Square Series and will be offering him another solo show this September. The works presented here will be a sneak peak for this upcoming exhibit and all works are available for sale through contacting the artist directly.

Artist’s Process

These original, fine works of art are made from paper stencils by cutting shapes out of paper with an exact-o knife and then using a squeegee to push the mixed acrylic inks through these openings when it is attached to a screen. The porous screen allows the ink to travel through the cut-openings thereby creating a very sharp-edged graphic effect for this unique printmaking technique. Each color is a different stencil that is layered upon one another as the puzzle is pieced together and the image is formed. The print becomes a culmination of color shapes built upon these relationships. In celebration of the heroes of Japanese woodblock prints and a furthering of the torch in new innovative approaches to the printed image, these works promote a renewed sense of beauty juxtaposed with masterful technique. Each piece is made by hand, signed and dated by Ricardo.

About Garden Street Lofts

Located at 1425 Garden Street, Garden Street Lofts is a “Silver LEED Certified “green” condominium building along New Jersey’s Hudson River waterfront. The historic, 80-year-old building has been converted into 27 homes and ground floor retail space at the intersection of Garden and 14th Streets in Hoboken’s Uptown District.

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