Parking meters can be improved


An astute Hoboken411 reader pointed out this high-tech parking meter company, Intellipark, which offers modern & sensible upgraded parking meters.


The city would benefit in many ways:

  • These parking meters can automatically reset to zero if a vehicle leaves before the time expires. Their studies show a 20-50% increase in revenue (hopefully no one steals it!)
  • Meter-feeding deterrence. We all know there are some people in town that just feed the meters for their own lazy purpose, driving local shoppers away in essence. These meters can force drivers to HAVE to leave the spot after a pre-determined amount of time.
  • Grace-periods for drivers just wanting a cup of coffee, or who need to get change.

From their website:

“By combining user-friendly hardware and sophisticated software design, IntelliPark catapults parking-space management into the twenty-first century. Our patented technology for vehicle detection, communications, data collection and tool-free repair is revolutionizing parking-meter management.”

Parts of our city are still stuck in the NINETEENTH century, so these idea may be considered “off-limits” for some.

Read more about them here. What do you think? Would the city ever dare entertain a progressive idea like this? What would be their excuse for not?

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i think that something like NYC does is much better than individual meters. just have one machine or two machines per block, and that way, if i drive a civic and don’t take up the entire space, someone can utilize the unused space, instead of just parking in front of the next meter.


no feeding the meter! Then there would be no more parade behind the sweeper every morning.

strand tramp
strand tramp

do we really want the idiots in city hall trusted with another parking project? the “automated” parking garage was supposed to cost approx $2million when it began. i heard somewhere the meter is up to $9 million and still running. and the thing is still below full capacity. while i would like to know what happened to the $1million dollars russo said was missing on camera, i do not want to see $10 million disappear thru another mismanaged fiasco caused by the idiots at city hall and their retarded cousins.