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Luke’s Lobster Hoboken – Open May 15th

Lucky week for fresh Lobster fans in Hoboken, as Luke’s Lobster (207 Washington St.) is officially opening on May 15th!

Lukes Lobster Hoboken NJ open May 15 2015 - Luke's Lobster

Luke’s Lobster Sets Anchor in Hoboken, New Jersey

Luke’s Lobster opens its first restaurant in New Jersey this week, in the heart of Hoboken. The eatery enjoys deep roots in the Garden State thanks to four summers serving residents via its Nauti-Mobile, stationed at Pier 13. The new location, at 207 Washington Street, will welcome guests seven days a week, year-round. Luke’s Lobster is a beloved seafood shack known for its simple menu highlighting incredible ingredients, sourced sustainably straight from the sea.

“We are thrilled to make Hoboken our new home,” said Luke Holden, Co-Founder of Luke’s Lobster. “We look forward to building upon the wonderful sense of community we feel here following the success of our Nauti-Mobile. We’re excited at the opportunity to join the bustling culinary scene of Washington Street corridor.”

Like its siblings in NYC, Philadelphia and DC, the new Hoboken outpost calls to mind the casual seafood shacks of its founder’s native Maine. The cozy, thoughtfully built space features nautical décor harvested from shipyards, salvaged buoys from the team’s lobstering trips, and handmade reclaimed wood counters. An outdoor patio dotted with tables adds to the relaxed, laid back vibe.

The Hoboken menu features all the Luke’s Lobster classics – the freshest lobster, shrimp, and crab rolls, along with a selection of chowders and bisques. Seasonal offerings include Jonah Crab Claws and a much-loved lobster grilled cheese, among others. The rolls are of the purest form, a quarter pound of fresh seafood served with little adornment, as the sea intended. Just a tiny brush of mayo on the bun, and finished with a dash of lemon butter and secret seasoning. On the sweeter side, it’s Blueberry Bars & Sea Salt Caramel Brownies from the West Village-based bakery, Milk & Cookies. Beverages include natural sodas in flavors like Maine Root Blueberry and Green Bee Lemon Sting. Guests are also welcome to bring their own beer & wine to enjoy with their meals.

Sustainably-sourced seafood reigns, and the company can completely trace its ingredients from the ocean to the plate. Luke’s Lobster scores its seafood directly from the lobstermen at the dock, and steams it straight out the water at Cape Seafood, a Maine seafood purveyor founded by Luke and his partners, drawing on the Holden family’s forty-plus years in the industry. The total traceability of the supply chain ensures every single crustacean is harvested sustainably, handled with care, and presented to guests as fresh as humanly possible.

Operating Hours are Sunday through Thursday, from 11 AM to 11 PM; and Fridays & Saturdays from 11 AM – Midnight (Phone: 201.626.3600).

Dinner delivery, catering and large takeout orders are available. The company also offers seafood kits via its website for delivery straight to your kitchen.

Description: Everything Lobster, Shrimp and Crab.
Address: 207 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)626-3600
Online: lukeslobster.comTwitterFacebook

Luke’s Lobster – 207 Washington St. – Hoboken, NJ


Here’s a bit of good news. Replacing the doomed Bona Pizza over at 207 Washington Street, is Luke’s Lobster – which has been a big hit in NYC for the past five years.

A bit about where they get their fresh lobster from:

Lukes Lobster Hoboken NJ Coming Soon - Luke's Lobster“Owner Luke Holden buys 100% of his lobster in Maine, where he grew up, built his own skiff, and launched a lobster company while still in high school. When Luke moved to New York, he found lobster rolls drowning in mayo and diluted with celery for up to $30. He and his dad, Jeff, turned to their longstanding relationships with lobstermen to cut out the middle man and get that sweet lobster down to the city, where they could serve it the way it was meant to be: pure, in a griddled New England split-top bun, with no filler.

Each morning lobstermen haul traps from the open seas, and they’re taken from the dock to Luke’s seafood company, where we steam them, pick them, and pack the meat in protective bags, then send them south to Luke’s Lobster. Each bag contains a quarter-pound of pure lobster meat from 5 or 6 unlucky lobster claws (yep, it takes that many lobsters for each roll!).

Throughout the trek from Maine to our lobster shacks, the lobster meat remains in pristine condition, having last touched Maine air. And since we track it the whole way, we know it’s coming from Maine’s sustainable fishery, not over-fished waters. The result is a deliciously fresh lobster roll that allows you to truly taste Maine at its best, with a clean conscience.”

Lukes Lobster Hoboken NJ 207 Washington Street - Luke's Lobster

Luke’s – A fresh, young “company” that has no chain stench

Luke’s may have over a dozen locations open in just over five years, but from the looks of it, they’re a “down to earth” business. They appear to have a happy working environment, decent business practices and more.

How a business like this avoids growing too big for their britches (and in the process reducing product quality) is the main challenge. Oh, and if you’re interested in working for this upbeat company – just send your details to Haleigh at

People we’ve spoken too say Luke’s is extremely tasty, although on the “pricey” side. The phrase “you get what you pay for” might ring true more often than you think, right?

Take a look at this video to learn more:

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Kyle J Kelly
Kyle J Kelly
Wednesday, April 15, 2015 4:15 pm

This is a welcomed change of pace in town.

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