Dangerous Profession?

Cranes look scary – but is it really a dangerous profession?

We’re on a roll here! Just like yesterday’s Flag Pole Daredevil – here’s another shot of a person at 14th & Willow walking on a crane precariously high above the sky. A fall here would be deadly or very life-threatening for sure. But is operating a crane really a dangerous profession? Or does it just “look”1 dangerous?

While when any crane “accident” occurs, it’s typically headline-grabbing for sure (as opposed to the thousands run over by cars every day), it seems as if just a handful of people actually DIE every year in crane-related incidents.

More deaths per 1,000 take place in jobs related to road construction, electrical and transportation – that’s for sure (transportation being the highest).

So perhaps it’s not necessarily dangerous, but more “a job that requires a strong stomach and a sound mind?”

Dangerous Profession in Hoboken NJ crane operator

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