Flag Pole Daredevil

Flag Pole Daredevil spotted at Stevens in Hoboken

Wassup wit dat? The other day a “flag pole daredevil” of sorts was spotted up at the point in Stevens Institute. It appeared they had some kind of binoculars, too. What kind of vantage point does this give you that being on top of the Howe building couldn’t?

flag pole daredevil Hoboken NJ stevens institute - Flag Pole Daredevil

And at some other point in time – it looked like some kind of equipment, black box or sensor was being hoisted as well.

Were they repairing the pole or rope system? Installing some kind of device? Do you know what was going on up there?

Either way, the last we checked, there was still no flag atop the pole.

flag pole daredevil Hoboken NJ - Flag Pole Daredevil

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