Cornys puffed corn snacks

Invented in Hoboken: Cornys puffed corn snacks

Wow, the hits keep coming in Hoboken! Another innovation to come out of Stevens Institute of Technology is: Cornys corn puffs.

Cornys corn puffs invented in Hoboken NJ

What are Cornys corn puffs? Why?

Five students at Stevens (“The Cornys Team” consisting of Jasmine Mina, Anthony Montufar, Laura Garbarini, Andreas Eisenmann and Nayad Manukian), created the concept for the “Innovation Expo” project. The project teaches promotion, market research and branding – as well as actually coming up with decent products to sell which are unique and have potential staying power with customers.

Besides the “healthy” aspect of these puffed corn snacks – the team also embraced “transparency” – literally. With most snack bags being 80% air these days, the Cornys team opted to show customers exactly what they’re getting by using clear bags not hidden by strategically placed logos.

The air puffed corn snacks are not fried, and only have 70 calories per bag.

Cornys are available in five flavors: Honey, Zesty Tomato, Lime & Chili, Cheese and Peanut. Order yours here.

The Cornys website is and you can follow them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Read more about Cornys on the Stevens website here –

cornys corn puffs 70 calories

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