Rocky Roads

What a mess with Hoboken’s Rocky Roads

Usually the first thing that pops into mind when you hear the phrase “Rocky Road…” is a kind of ice cream, right? Well – Hoboken is looking to change that with their own (much less tasty) version of the “Rocky Road” product: The worst roads in New Jersey!

If you possess an ounce of critical thinking ability – you probably laughed when the city sent out a “feel good gram” recently touting how special they were by “filling” 1000 potholes or something like that. Because if you simply drive around town, you’d say “So what? My car still got wrecked!”

Now, all over the city are spreads of pebbles everywhere, which if you manage to be free from structural harm, these pesky rocks will likely mar the finish of your $125k Benz S-class sedan.

I will say this much, Hoboken is a good “walking city” for more reason than one – and it makes sense to keep your vehicles garaged as close to the exits as possible!

Rocky Roads in Hoboken NJ - Rocky Roads

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Kyle J Kelly
Kyle J Kelly
Thursday, April 9, 2015 3:46 pm

The roads are terrible. We keep hearing about this “pothole killer” machine, where exactly is it repairing these potholes?!? It’s terrible in that section between 12th – 14th & Madison.
Kyle J Kelly Hoboken NJ

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