Hide and Go

Hide and Go for kids invented in Hoboken, NJ!

We all know Hoboken has remarkably transformed from a transient drunk town to a family-based city (still drunk, though.) And I’m surprised more parents haven’t seen this great invention from Hoboken resident Angelo Di Laura called Hide and Go.

What is Hide and Go?

Simply put – it’s a “porto-john” for kids. An easy to transport “tent” that allows children to relieve themselves almost anywhere. Be it the beach, the park, or on the road.

The premise is simple. Pop-up the tent (literally takes 3 seconds), put the included inflatable “mini-bowl” inside (or use your own). Line it with bags and release the hounds!

The kit comes with a diaper bag carry case (with three zippered compartments), anchors to tether the tent to the ground, and a water-bottle holder. See this commercial to get a taste:

Why is Hide and Go a good idea?

We believe this is a smart invention, which solves many problems:

  1. You ever see a kid take a dump at the park? Gross! Don’t be that parent or nanny – do things properly and teach kids respect and decency!
  2. What about those big-bad child predators who get their kicks looking at kids? Well, now you can shield what should be private moments perfectly, and keep those creeps at bay!
  3. Two words: Public Bathrooms. And the world is crippled with fear because of Ebola? Fugghedaboutit. Most restrooms are homeless germ Petri Dishes! At least with Hide & Go, you’ll be in control of how messy it gets!
  4. One other thing that is a HUGE bonus, is that the Hide and Go will help kids INSIDE as well – as part of their “big-kid” potty training. Apparently, as kids are learning to use the john, they want privacy too. So instead of crapping behind the TV, you can give your kids a head start by using the tent as a “mini bathroom” too.

Hide and Go kiddie porto john Hoboken NJ - Hide and Go

I’m sold – how do I get my Hide & Go?

The Hide and Go is also very affordable (compared to $1700 strollers). At $44.95 each, you can buy one or more for yourself or for gifts to other parents.

Simply go to www.hide-go.com to place your order or email help@hide-go.com for more info.

You can also follow Hide & Go on Instagram and Facebook as well.

Here’s an instructional video that goes more in-depth:

Have fun!

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Monday, April 6, 2015 11:56 am

Love it! Shared with my sister who was just complaining about the lack of such a product.

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