Mr. Game!

Stevens Students create Mr. Game! Board Game (with Kickstarter)

Take a look at this! Four students over at Stevens Institute of Technology (Franky, Kenny, Nick and Tim – who are Margrave Games) created something quite unusual for our high-tech times: A board game called Mr. Game!

That’s right, an old-fashioned board game that is not an “app,” and does not require electricity! Hard to believe, but true! (And it even sounds fun, too!) And they’re funding this game via Kickstarter – which you can view more about below.

What is Mr. Game!?

“Mr. Game! is a board game that begins like any other. Players roll the dice and move around the board. The first player to make it to the goal wins. Although straightforward at first glance, the crazy fun happens when cards come into play.

Along the way, players draw cards from a deck filled with bad ideas. These cards change the game in dangerous and unpredictable ways. Move the goal, move other players, or even change the landscape of the board! Bend the game to your advantage or just mess with other players! The choice is yours.”

These guys have been working on this concept for two years already – and it seems like they’ve “beta tested” the game quite considerably to the point where it’s “guaranteed fun” each time you play! (and makes for a great “drinking game” as well.)

I think it’s cool that these enterprising students at Stevens actually made something that isn’t necessarily on the “bleeding edge” of the future, but filled a relatively crowded space almost “from another era.” If they succeed with this – that feat alone is amazing in 2015, and a refreshing way to bring friends together outside the digital “smart phone zone.”

You can check out the Kickstarter project below. Hopefully they can meet their goal!

Good luck, guys!

mr game stevens institue - Mr. Game!

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